American Innovation 1st Edition

Announcing American Innovation, a P.C. Campana publication created to celebrate our history, innovation in the steel industry, and the future of steelmaking in America.

Steel Pallets: The Foundation of Safe and Sustainable Wire Delivery

steel making equipment

At P.C. Campana, innovation and efficiency are at the core of everything we do, including the way we deliver our exceptional alloy cored wire products. One of the key elements that sets us apart is our unique approach to packaging: our wire is delivered on robust steel pallets, an innovation that not only ensures the […]

Revolutionizing Steelmaking: The MegaCal JC-XO Advantage

steel industry cored wire

In the ever-evolving world of steel production, innovation and efficiency are paramount. P.C. Campana, has once again raised the bar with the patented product, MegaCal JC-XO. Part of our extensive selection of alloy cored wire, MegaCal JC-XO is an ultralow-reactivity extruded rod calcium wire designed to revolutionize the way we approach steelmaking. In this blog, […]