We've been supporting America's Steelmakers for 50 years.

We will never rest on our laurels

To my fellow steel industry professionals, we are committed to your success by delivering world-class products and services. In order to thrive and maintain relevance in our dynamic steel industry, we continuously adapt, problem-solve and innovate.

Our latest breakthrough is our MegaCal JC-XO calcium cored wire, a newly patented innovation. It consists of a silver-gold calcium rod, enveloped in a specific type of wood flour, and encased in a steel jacket. MegaCal JC-XO provides superior calcium recovery and lower reactivity compared with traditional calcium treatments.

With more than five decades of experience in the steel mill industry, P.C. Campana offers a comprehensive range of cored wire products, the industry’s finest cored wire feeding equipment, auxiliary equipment, lance pipe, burning bars and holders. Our dedicated and highly skilled support team includes a metallurgist on staff, ensuring prompt and expert service to the American and Canadian steel industries.

We invite you to explore our new website and consider visiting our facilities in Lorain, Ohio. Here, you can witness firsthand the world-class, American-made products and services we offer to enhance your success.

With deep respect and admiration,

Pat Campana Jr

Pat Campana Jr. President and CEO P.C. Campana Inc.


An inspiring past laid the groundwork for P.C. Campana’s bright future.

The success of Lorain, Ohio-based P.C. Campana Inc. is rooted in the talents and tenacity of its founder, a first-generation American determined to achieve the American dream for himself and his family. With a twinkle in his green eyes, Pasquale “Patsie” Campana Sr. had a zest for life, learning, family and friendship.

Born in Italy in 1920, Patsie Campana would spend most of his 73 years along the shores of Lake Erie in Lorain, Ohio. When he was 2 years old, his parents emigrated to the United States and opened Campana’s Market in Lorain, 30 miles west of Cleveland. The small grocery shop eventually became a tavern. The family expanded to include five children who were raised in a community of immigrants from more than 55 different countries.



P.C. Campana Electric Inc. is founded,providing electrical construction services to heavy industry.



The renamed P.C. Campana Inc. expands services to support steel mills and foundries.



Ingot Mold Repair introduced.



Caldo Burning Products Division is created. Products include lance pipes, burning bars and the Caldo Cutting Torch.



P.C. Campana patents a coke oven leveler door.



Caldo Thermal Torch is patented.



New Alloy Cored Wire Division produces a cored wire system for mixing steelmaking ingredients within the ladle.



Camp-Hill Tubular opens in Pennsylvania, in partnership with Al Hillegass.



Delta Tubular in Texas is purchased in a joint venture with U.S. Steel.



Bellville Tube in Texas is purchased.



P.C. Campana receives patent for coating iron-based products.


2008 & 2010

Caldo Exothermic Cutting Torch is patented.

2008 & 2010

2019 & 2022

MegaCal JC-XO calcium cored wire is patented.

2019 & 2022
Honoring the past by building a brighter future

A relentless commitment to innovation

Before Pasquale “Patsie” Campana Sr. founded P.C. Campana Inc. in 1969, he had already worked alongside steelworkers for many years, helping to build and electrify mills and foundries across five states. Those decades of experience gave him the empathy and insight he needed to create innovative solutions for the steelmaking industry.

“My dad could always envision a straightforward way to solve problems that made steel customers happy and their lives easier,” says president and CEO Pat Campana Jr. “With his entrepreneurial mindset, he would then turn that solution into another product to sell in his new young company.”

Awarded more than a dozen patents in his lifetime, Patsie Campana used his time-tested designs to lay the foundation for P.C. Campana’s industry- leading lineup of products. Today, the Lorain, Ohio-based company continues to forge a path of innovation recognized and trusted around the world.

As P.C. Campana has added new divisions through the years, the company also embraced Patsie Campana’s robust, overdesigned strategy to ensure its products provide optimal performance while withstanding the harsh conditions of the steel manufacturing environment.

“Customers know to come to us when they have an idea or problem,” says vice president and general manager Paul Kelly. “We offer advanced CAD [computer-aided design] software and 3D modeling capabilities and create new designs almost daily. Our company prides itself on rising to the challenge to develop new technologies as the steel industry grows and evolves.”

Backing the product line is superior support and service. “Our steel customers are our highest priority,” says Pat Campana Jr. “P.C. Campana is an American-owned family business with an emphasis on American-made. We give our all to satisfy the needs of the American steel industry.”

Offering forthright communication, P.C. Campana’s service teams pride themselves on reacting quickly to inquiries and issues. “Our customer service is talked about highly versus our competitors,” says sales manager Aaron Kobylarz. “Steelmakers have many moving parts to deal with on a day-to-day basis. With P.C. Campana, customers know that they don’t have to worry about products arriving on time or equipment working because we are going to take care of everything.”

Many of Patsie Campana’s early machine designs continue to be industry-preferred. Building on his legacy, the company today combines quality assurance and ambitious timelines with competitive pricing to offer equipment and supplies that maximize steel production efficiencies. Let’s take a look at P.C. Campana’s innovative signature products, fabricated in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The Campana Center at Lorain County Community College

Devoted to paying forward his success, Patsie Campana Sr. helped countless members of his community with quiet generosity. His family built on that legacy by establishing the Campana Foundation in 1995. Funds from the foundation are empowering the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders on the campus of Lorain County Community College (LCCC) in Elyria, Ohio.

The Patsie C. and Dolores Jeneé Campana Center for Ideation and Invention at LCCC features state-of-the-art digital manufacturing labs filled with high-tech equipment for fabrication, automation, 3D printing and more. Interactive collaboration spaces are available, along with services to facilitate the full spectrum of product development— from initial ideation to prototyping, assembly and packaging.

The center offers hands-on education for students in kindergarten through college and welcomes inventors, entrepreneurs and existing companies from the community. In addition to providing cutting-edge resources to close the digital manufacturing talent gap, the center is committed to connecting industry and academia and creating novel pathways from idea to business.

“We are passionate about supporting the Campana Center for Ideation and Invention because we know change is inevitable–Innovation was the mindset of our founder, Patsie, and continues to be the fabric of the American dream.”

Work force strength

A company is only as successful as the people behind it. The dedicated employees at P.C. Campana Inc. are a testament to the organization’s commitment to supporting a consistent, knowledgeable work force that serves the steel industry with integrity and innovation. Here are a few of our team members:

Paul Kelly

Vice President & General Manager
Kelly earned a degree in electrical engineering in 1984 at the University of Pittsburgh. Since 1986, he has invested his time and talent in the steel industry, primarily in wire feeding technology and calcium metal production.

Alexzandra Boyd

3D modeling and design professional
Initially an intern from the Lorain County JVS career tech program, Boyd became a full-time member of the engineering group. Her goal is to continue expanding her education by earning an aeronautical engineering degree.

Aaron Kobylarz

Corporate sales manager
Kobylarz began at P.C. Campana as Tube Mill Division manager over 23 years ago and successfully moved into sales over five years ago. His professional philosophy is to always be honest and transparent with customers.

Larry McCarthy

Cored wire packaging specialist
McCarthy came to the company over six years ago after 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, bringing his dedication to excellence and quality to his work.

Don Scott

Cored Wire Division manager
Scott started his more than 44 years of service to the company in the ingot mold repair division. He progressed through fabricating and currently manages the Cored Wire Division along with the necessary functions of purchasing and administration.

Dave Trout

Field service and sales professional
Trout, who has been with the company since 2006, started out in a general labor position and grew to manage the Mini Caldo group before moving on to his current position serving customers in the field.