Our Core Values

We care about our:


We respect and support our steelmakers with the world’s best cored wire feeder equipment, a full menu of core wires, including our patented calcium JC-XO, delivered on steel pallets for reliability and ease of housekeeping. Our robust field service staff responds to steelmakers’ needs with a sense of empathy and urgency.


We offer competitive compensation and benefits as well as profit sharing. We ensure a safe, clean and respectful workplace.


We continue to support numerous nonprofit organizations throughout our community. We support economic development and job creation through our collaboration with Lorain Community College at the Campana Ideation and Innovation Center.


We are American made and American owned. We support our Constitution and the liberties and freedoms provided. We fly our American flag with pride.


We are financially strong with a fortress balance sheet with zero debt and ongoing profitability to ensure timely delivery of products and services to our customers and reliable employment to our co-workers.