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Cored Wire Feeder/Fab

Cored Wire Feeders

Workers around the world trust our alloy cored wire feeders. We’ve designed our wire feeding systems for heavy-duty applications while also emphasizing consistency, efficiency, and value. The key features and benefits of our wire feeders include:

  • Speed: Runs from 100 to 1000 ft. per minute. Has customizable systems ranging from 1-path to 6-path.
  • Micro Wire Feeder: Injects 5 mm to 13 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 300 ft. per minute.
  • PC-6 x 40 Wire Feeder: Injects 9 mm to 21 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 1,000 ft. per minute.
  • Precision Threading: Alloy cored wires are automatically guided to the ladle, upholding speed and operator safety.
  • Dependable Engine: The motor is specially engineered for extended use, minimizing the risk of a malfunction.
  • Highly Durable: All components are designed and built to last. The bearings and cylinders are sturdy, while the electrical parts, transmission, and PLC computer controls are rugged.
  • Value-Oriented: Computer-assisted equipment reduces material waste, shortens downtime, and enhances productivity.
  • Tried, Tested, and Inspected: Every cored wire feeding system must undergo and survive rigorous quality assurance testing in our steel mill environment staging areas.

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