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Alloy Cored Wire

Alloy Cored Wire Helps the Metal Industry Succeed

At PC Campana Inc, we try to make it easy for professionals within the metal manufacturing industry to meet their goals. We have a wide range of products and a knowledgeable team who take customer service seriously.

We understand steel, how it reacts with various alloys, and how we can change the chemistry to our customers' desires.

That's why we offer our high quality Cored Wire.

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Advantages of Our Cored Wire

Alloy cored wire offers numerous metallurgical advantages that make steel mill and foundry processes more efficient - due to deep release of the selected alloy into the liquid melt. (Below the slag layer)

  • Alloy powders that have a high affinity for oxygen are recovered in the melt at higher percentages. (Al, Ti, Ca, Mg)
  • Light in weight alloys (relative to the melt it is added into) also recover at higher percentages (Al, Ti)
  • Precise alloy added weight (compared with bulk alloy additions) helps liquid metal processors to hit ever tighter chemistry ranges contributing to:
    • Lighter parts for the ultimate parts maker
    • More precise mechanical properties for the ultimate parts makers
  • Savings on worker injuries by reducing manual bag additions
  • Proprietary - Patented - Ultralow reactivity extruded rod calcium wire “MegaCal JC-XO”.
    • Two cost saving opportunities exist with this product......Maintain your current ladle freeboard level and virtually eliminate steel splash and associated maintenance and cleanup costs. (Burned up transfer car motors/power lines) and extensive steel splash clean up on LMF roof underside, ladle car tracks/pits etc.
    • Maintain your current steel splash level and reduce freeboard increasing tons/heat melted and cast. This goes directly to your bottom line.
    • Please view our YouTube video below where you can see a side by side ladle of steel calcium treated with both our regular MegaCal 9mm extruded calcium wire and our patented MegaCal JC-XO
  • Uncommon wire compositions readily available. (Ferro Niobium, Titanium sponge, and Lo Aluminum Ferro Titanium, Selenium, Bismuth, Nitrided Vanadium)
• 9 mm • 13 mm • 16 mm • 21 mm

Cored Wire Products

We offer a wide range of Cored Wire Products as you can see below.

  • Aluminum Deox
  • Carbon Low Sulfur
  • Calcium Silicide
  • Ferro Manganese
  • Ferro Moly
  • Ferro Titanium
  • MegaCal ®
  • Sulfur
  • Bismuth
  • Calcium
  • Ferro Boron
  • Nitrided Ferro Manganese
  • Ferro Phos
  • Ferro Titanium - Low Aluminum
  • MegaCal JC-XO ®
  • Titanium Sponge
  • Carbon
  • Calcium Cyanamide
  • Ferro Chrome
  • Ferro Columbium (Niobium)
  • Ferro Sulphur
  • Ferro Vanadium
  • Silicon Metal
  • Vanadium Carbo Nitride

Comparison between MegaCal and MegaCal JC-XO

PC Campana Cored Wire


The PC Campana Inc Difference

Naturally, one of the greatest strengths of our products is our adherence to quality. We manufacture all of our products at our state-of-the-art facility, which meets ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality Management Standards. All wire is comprised of high-grade materials and is rigorously inspected and documented.

Contact us to learn more about our alloy cored wires and feeding systems. We are located in Lorain, OH.



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