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P.C. Campana was founded in 1969 by Patsie C. Campana, Sr. and has enjoyed steady growth and diversification ever since. Initially, the company specialized in electrical contracting with an emphasis on the steel industry. Soon thereafter, P.C. Campana was awarded the North American license to a German steel technology for repairing ingot molds and slag pots in steel plants. Aggressive marketing of the services led to job sites from coast to coast. The company is headquartered in Lorain, Ohio.

P. C. Campana, Inc.

The Alloy Cored Wire Division

The Alloy Cored Wire Division was formed in 1985, with an emphasis on clean steel practices in wire feeding systems. The division continues to produce top-quality Alloy Cored Wire, Cored Wire Feeders, Wire Injectors, and related auxiliary equipment.

The Caldo Division

By 1975, P.C. Campana was known throughout the industry as one of the leading suppliers of fabrication and repair services, with the main emphasis being ingot mold, coke oven door, ladle, slag pot, and industrial equipment repair. Extremely large volumes of steel and burning products were being consumed. At that time, our company decided to explore the possibility of producing its own products, and the Caldo Division was born.

This division was dedicated to supplying underwater products, concrete cutting equipment, oxygen cutting systems, Lance Pipe, Burning Bars, and the Caldo Cutting Torch to the steel and foundry industries.

The Mini Riser Division

Formed in 1984, the Mini Riser Division supplies a variety of foundry supplies to the foundry industry. The division's exothermic products include Exothermic Sleeves, Exothermic Risers, Insulating Sleeves, Mini Risers, and Hot Topping compounds.