P.C. Campana can help you maximize production, boost efficiency, enhance speed, reduce risk, and eliminate waste at your mill or foundry.

The wire injection process was developed to reduce costs and improve product quality for steelmakers. Depend on our alloy cored wire products to reduce nozzle clogging and allow for more precise alloy additions and chemistry.
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Available in 2, 4 and 6-Path iterations, our path feeders are known and trusted around the world. Companies appreciate their reliability, precision and durability. Our wire feeders are also customizable.
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Our steel mill metallurgy services include consultation for steel mill operations, wire feeder consultation, repairs, and custom fabrication. P.C. Campana is your trusted partner for in the steel industry.
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P.C. Campana offers a comprehensive range of cutting products to cater to various needs of the steel industry, scrap yards, shipbuilding, transportation, agriculture,  and more. Our cutting products cut through stainless steel, cast iron, brass, slag, concrete, and more.
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From humble beginnings to industry & community leader

The success of Lorain, Ohio-based P.C. Campana Inc. is rooted in the talents and tenacity of its founder, a first-generation American determined to achieve the American dream for himself and his family. With a twinkle in his green eyes, Pasquale “Patsie” Campana Sr. had a zest for life, learning, family and friendship.

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