Alloy Core Wire Alloy Cored Wire is a division of P.C. Campana, Inc. Our Alloy Cored Wire Division are makers of Alloy Cored Wire for ladle treatment in the steel industries. We have Wire Feeding Systems from 1-Path to 6-Path. P.C. Campana’s alloy cored wire products and cored wire feeders are the #1 choice of many North American and international steel mills. Our wire feeding systems are marked with superiority and consistency. These attributes are the hallmark of distinction for Alloy Cored Wire Division. Producing alloy cored wire and wire feeding systems isn’t a process for us; it’s a science our engineers have advanced since 1985.


Caldo TorchCaldo Torch is a division of P.C. Campana, Inc. The Caldo cutting torch division are makers of Oxygen Lance Furnace Pipe (a sophisticated oxygen cutting system), Coated Oxygen Lance Furnace Pipe, Oxygen Burning Bars and Complete, Hand-held-mini Oxygen Cutting Systems (providing concrete cutting equipment, and underwater welding). Technology firsts…proven products…and industry innovation—that’s what the Caldo Torch Division has delivered since the 1970s. Discover revolutionary tools and repair systems. Benefit from increased productivity and cost efficiency with our lance pipes and burning bars. Our oxygen cutting systems will amaze you with their innovative design and performance enhancements.


Tube SupplierP.C. Campana, Inc. Tubular Products Division produces tube supplier prodcuts in sizes ranging from 1/2” through 3” diameters, along with rectangles and squares up to 1-1/2” with lengths to 24’. We currently have four tube mills along with four haven cuts-offs with in-line brush de-bur, and also have the capability for inside diameter painting. Tube Supplier stocks an extensive supply of Tubing within our large warehouse facility.


Mini-RiserFormed in 1984, P.C. Campana’s Mini Riser Division supplies a variety of foundry supplies to the foundry industry. Our Exothermic products include but are not limited to, exothermic risers, exothermic cutting systems and exothermic sleeves. Our other foundry supplies include, insulating sleeves, mini risers and hot topping compound. The Mini-Riser is a highly exothermic sand riser that utilizes the relationship between the volume of the casting divided by the surface area, which is referred to as the modulus of the casting.