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Alloy Cored Wire

Alloy Cored Wire helps the metal industry succeed

At PC Campana Inc, we try to make it easy for professionals within the metal manufacturing industry to meet their goals. We have a wide range of products and a knowledgeable team who take customer service seriously.

We understand steel, how it reacts with various alloys, and how we can change the chemistry to our customers' desires.

That's why we offer our high quality Cored Wire.

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Advantages of Our Cored Wire

Wire injection offers numerous advantages that make the steel mill and foundry process more efficient. Thanks to its distinct composition, alloy cored wire is a versatile material that can be used in welding and other metal fabrication processes. It offers greater control, and its consistency reduces the likelihood of equipment malfunctions during the casting process. Since this wire has an alloy core, it also gives operators precise chemistry that will assist in improving various manufacturing processes.

Find the right wire that will meet your needs. Our products are available in different sizes. Diameters on sale include:

• 9 mm • 13 mm • 16 mm • 21 mm

Cored Wire Feeders

Workers around the world trust our alloy cored wire feeders. We’ve designed our wire feeding systems for heavy-duty applications, while also emphasizing consistency, efficiency, and value. The key features and benefits of our wire feeders include:

Speed: Runs from 100 to 1000 ft. per minute. Has customizable systems ranging from 1-path to 6-path.
Micro Wire Feeder: Injects 5 mm to 13 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 300 ft. per minute.
PC-6 x 40 Wire Feeder: Injects 9 mm to 21 mm diameter wire at variable speeds in excess of 1,000 ft. per minute.
Precision Threading: Alloy cored wires are automatically guided to the ladle, upholding speed and operator safety.
Dependable Engine: The motor is specially engineered for extended use, minimizing the risk of a malfunction.
Highly Durable: All components designed and built to last. The bearings and cylinders are sturdy, while the electrical parts, transmission, and PLC computer controls are rugged.
Value-Oriented: Computer-assisted equipment reduces material waste, shortens downtime, and enhances productivity.
Tried, Tested, and Inspected: Every cored wire feeding system must undergo and survive rigorous quality assurance testing in our steel mill environment staging areas.

The PC Campana Inc Difference

Naturally, one of the greatest strengths of our products is our adherence to quality. We manufacture all of our products at our state-of-the-art facility, which meets ISO-9001-2015 Quality Management Standards. All wire is comprised of high-grade materials and is rigorously inspected and documented.

 Contact us to learn more about our alloy cored wires and feeding systems. We are located in Lorain, OH.